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OTHERNESS DOCUMENTARY: A View Into The Mexico of Others

Competition: IBERO, Towards a Change of World


PARTICIPANTS IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: Percibald García, Caterina Contreras, Alina Schmidt, Pepe Ortiz, Temiqui,  Natalia Castillo, Johan Schmidt

COMPETITION: Concurso, IBERO Por Un Cambio De Mundo 2016

PRICE: 1st Place: Audiovisual Category 


As part of a conference cycle named "Towards a Change of World", the Universidad Iberoamericana (, made an open call to all the university community to create dialogues about social problems. J.M. Coestzee, Leonardo Boff, and Marck Church were invited as speakers to open spaces where the community could exchange opinions, and visions of change about the world.

My proposal to respond to this task was to create a documentary where I developed the construction of self-definition and the immediate consequence of creating the others, those who are not me, and need to be interpreted through the vision society has given me. Each time we say "I", "my" or "mine" we leave outside a big amount of people and realities. This creates in many cases segregation, violence, and intolerance.

This documentary is part of the sorrow I feel when society tries to define me or place me inside a box of categories that in some cases had marginalized me, in some others privilege me, and in many had made me indifferent to the pain and realities of others. Because of this, I start by describing the way society has constructed a definition and classification around me. Then I question some people about the categories of this classification, such as man, student, homosexual, son of a divorce, etc.

Last but not least, this documentary has given me the chance to observe how complex and extense this topic is. Also, how much is needed to open spaces that promote participation and representation for people who have become invisible for societies even when we share a territory and culture.

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