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Ethnobotanical Garden Ilhuikatl Iyankan

Atliaca, Guerrero, México

COLLABORATION: Universidad Intercultural del Estado de Guerrero + Secretaría de Cultura

LOCATION: Atliaca, Guerrero, México

DATE: 2019-2020


DESCRIPCIÓN: Through a series of Participatory Design workshops, the educational community at the Universidad Intercultural del Estado de Guerrero (Atliaca) explored creative thinking and spatial phenomenology. The objective was to design and build an ethnobotanical garden to represent the senti-pensar (to feel and think) of the Nahua culture around botanic traditions. At the same time, the project served as a milestone in the construction of an Indigenous University that will preserve and develop the knowledge of Nahua communities. During the design process, the Collage technique was used with plants and local flowers to represent the territory in a situated way. Local materials such as stones and bricks were used to build the first experimental spaces.


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