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Marbel's House

Ocuilan, México

COLLABORATION: Marbel's family + Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO + Pienza Sostenible

LOCATION: Ocuilan, México

DATE: 2018


As part of coordinated reconstruction efforts near San Simón el Alto, Fundación Pienza Sostenible (a local NGO) supported the most affected families in Ocuilan. In this close community, earthquakes struck with force. Within a participatory design and construction process, Marbel's house was reconstructed. Soil from the surroundings was used to make raw bricks that give comfort to the home and protect the family from the exterior. This case was peculiar as the plot is neighbor to the Calvario Church Atrium. The project divided the house uses into three volumes interconnected by a central patio where a big avocado tree was preserved.

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