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Invisible Cities: Antequera

Casa De La Ciudad: Oaxaca



¿Where do the Monuments come from? ¿Where are they going? ¿What is it hiding underneath them? ¿How long have they been here? ¿Here? 

Thinking about monuments as a living entity is a task hard to achieve in current times. The illustrated city created in the XIX century, along with the nation-projects of modernity in the XX century, promised universal progress, wellbeing, and representation. In reality, these dreams lasted a little, they crumbled under the weight of transnational corporations with extractivist production models that year after year claim the lives of habitats and territories all over the world. If the system that created these structures is decomposing and dying before our eyes... who or what represents these decomposing corpses they left in our cities? 

The very few who benefited from these past promises are determined in patching the walls of palaces and monuments that in the process of crumbling, leave our city's real face exposed: the social, environmental, economic, and political cost of our way of living.

Just as in the City of Moriana in Italo Calvino's book Invisible Cities, where all the dirt and rust is hidden in the backside of a city made on paper. This is why under the light of social movements like the feminist, it becomes highly important about what our dying monuments represent. We need to seek new ways of representation, that fill the blank spaces, speak about current times and reconcile past injustice acts. 

This piece declares a corner of Museo Casa de la Ciudad (Oaxaca, Mexico), as a fiscal and symbolic monument, to invite the republic to actively reflect and resignify the city's monuments. Markers, scissors, colors, and other materials will be available in order to make it possible that the reflections, ideas, and resignifications to become part of the space. This piece aims to be a space for collective reflection about how resignification and appropriation of monuments are being denied in Mexico. 


PIECE: Percibald García et al

CONCEPT: Percibald García 


PLACE: Casa de la Ciudad, Oaxaca

DATES: March - July 2020

IMAGE CREDITS: Percibald García + Diego De Leija

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