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Ninoyolnonotza Lebnan

I speak with my heart: Lebanon

Untitled_Artwork 56.jpg


The explosion at Beirut's Port on October 4th, 2020, was a terrible tragedy that shocked all people who love, care, and live in Lebanon. It was unbelievable and unbearable to listen to the testimonies of friends and other people on the media. 

Many people say it was broken-hearted, many others said Lebanon would rise from the ashes. These thoughts and encountered feelings remained in my body for weeks until one day I found how the Nahuatl Language (the native language of many Mexican communities) uses the word heart to express a huge variety of feelings. 

With the route "Yolot" which means "heart" you can build the words: unravel, corruption, enraged and disrupted; at the same time, you can create the words: intelligence, ingenious, mediation and unravel. This way of feeling and seeing the world allowed me to understand all the things I was feeling and thinking, how I was angry, but at the same time hopeful that the responsible people would be taken to justice.

The creation of this drawing was hard and special. As I have Lebanese roots and feel part of Lebanon, I wanted to speak to my friends, from a deep place. I was surprised that my Mexican heritage would give me a way to process and express what I was feeling. It never existed a mix between Lebanese Arabic and Nahuatl, but in my mind and heart, this happens.


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