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Earth Circle - Open Learging Space

San Simón El Alto, Malinalco, México

COLLABORATION: Escuela Primaria María Morelos y Pavón + Colectivo Mezcladora + Fundación Comunitaria Malinalco

LOCATION: San Simón El Alto

DATE: 2019-2020


San Simón el Alto (Malianlco, Edo. Méx.) was severely damaged during the 2017 earthquakes. Dozens of houses and public spaces were destroyed. One of the most significant was the Elementary School, leaving more than 400 children without a proper space to continue studying. As the reconstruction started, nobody included the main users of the space in the process of Design. 

That's why, with the help of Fundacion Comunitaria Malinaico (a local NGO) a series of Participatory Design workshops happened during a year to build a classroom to represent the way childhood feels and think about education.


This project had different outcomes: 

1. An exhibition at the Mexican Design Open 2020

2. Participation at the exhibition: The Architect's Studio: Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO  

3. Academic Publication at Nierika Art Magazine

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