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Plaza Cívica San Simón El Alto

San Simón El Alto, Malinalco, México

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COLLABORATION: San Simón El Alto Community + Colectivo Mezcladora + Fundación Comunitaria Malinalco

LOCATION: San Simón El Alto, Malinalco, México

DATE: 2019-2020


San Simón el Alto (Malianlco, Edo. Méx.) was severely damaged during the 2017 earthquakes. Dozens of houses and public spaces were destroyed. One of the most significant was the Civic Plaza which lost its kiosk and the perimetral wall of the atrium. As part of an integral participatory reconstruction process, Fundacion Comunitaria Malinaico (a local NGO)m managed to get resources to rehabilitate the civic heart of the community. A series of participatory design workshops were conducted at the plaza in collaboration with children, and the community took decisions over the new plaza's character and elements. The collective choices included closing the plaza to automobile circulation and adding concrete games to the floor to allow the children to play. The scar of the kiosk was preserved as part of the spatial memory..


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